Monday, March 31, 2014

Cause we've been waiting for Summer.

Meet my good friend Miko Navarro, who is also a fashion addict. He's very dapper which I really admire cause not so many men can pull off a dapper style if you're not tall enough and skinny so to speak. We decided to take some photos together and troll around but the photos turned out good, it gave us this "bachelor" feeling kinda vibe. Lol.
      Shirt (Mossimo); Aviators (American Eagle Outfitters); Striped Shorts (Penshoppe); Shoes (Fred Perry)
Photos by: Jaycee Pazcoguin

Hi everyone! I know it's been long since I last posted and I know I promised that I'll be back on March but then I got piled up by school stuff that I can't even find the time to even open my blog. I apologize for that! But hey, it's better late than never as they say! Good news is that, I'm finally done with college! Yes, I'm already graduating this coming April 12! Now, isn't that amazing? Another good news is, since I'm done with college and I probably might look for a job any day now, I can finally put some of my time to update my blog frequently! And I swear in the holy name of Darth Vader, I really really want to put more efforts in updating my blog and posting stuff and attending events because I feel like I've been gone forever in the blogosphere.

Aside from that, I also changed some major stuff with my blog's design. Some links are not yet working, but expect them to be fully functional in the coming days. I will also be selling some pre-loved clothes, so you better stay tuned for that! I've also been learning Calligraphy and Typography these past few months and I'm really getting kinda addicted to it! I'll share some of works with you guys don't worry!

Let's talk about the outfit, shall we? The shirt that I'm wearing is kind of my favorite shirt to wear this summer. I just had it this February, and I've been wearing it for so many times now. It's made of pure cotton which makes it very comfortable to wear and perfect for the summer. Also the striped shorts that I bought from Penshoppe, seems like these two are my favorite pieces this summer! Also take note that this is my first time to share to you an outfit post where I am wearing shorts, so be thankful! Kidding. 

Anyway, if you're thinking of what to wear to the beach this summer, I suggest go with shirts and shorts, and a pair of sneakers or boat shoes. That's very dapper and for a skinny guy like me, there's no way I'd show my muscles around the beach. They're too precious for that. Hahaha. 

I think that's all that's been happening to me during my days of hiatus. I missed you guys! 

Tell me what you think about the new design! Leave a comment below! Thankyou! 

Ciao! :)